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Educational Videos

What Happens to Mitochondria When They Become Stressed? - Part 1

Dr. Jon Kaiser describes exactly what happens to mitochondria when they become stressed in the first installment of “Mitochondrial Medicine”

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A Key Triad of Mitochondrial Support Nutrients - Part 2

Dr. Jon Kaiser highlights three of the most important nutrients for supporting and enhancing mitochondrial functioning in the second installment of “Mitochondrial Medicine”

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Correcting Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Chronic Fatigue - Part 3

Dr. Jon Kaiser describes how to best correct mitochondrial dysfunction in the third installment of “Mitochondrial Medicine”

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Why Everyone Needs to Support Their Mitochondria - Part 4

In the fourth installment of “ Mitochondrial Medicine”, Dr. Jon Kaiser discusses how supporting mitochondrial health is essential to healthy aging.

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